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Noni with grape

Noni with grape juice is a natural juice of noni fruit (Morinda citrifolia) and red grape juice concentrate (Vitis vinifera). The juice is one of the most powerful antioxidants

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In the French part of Polynesia, tribal healers (kahunas) used the fruit as far back as 2000 years ago.
Over the last decade, experts have discovered some of the active substances of the fruit. These results confirm the experiences of ordinary people. That is why modern medicine has also attached Noni juice

Why Biostile Noni Juice? The juice is one of the most powerful antioxidants

For anyone who wants to improve their immune system and regulate hormonal imbalances

Today, noni juice is used as a remedy for a long list of ailments. People use it for arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, muscle aches, menstrual problems, headaches, heart disease, AIDS, stomach ulcers, sprains, depression, senility, indigestion and atherosclerosis.

It is also said to have antitumor activity, which they have tried to investigate in quite a few studies. A study at the University of Louisiana found that noni reduces the growth of capillaries in tumors. Another study conducted at the University of Hawaii found that noni juice contains a polysaccharide-rich substance (noni-ppt) that is thought to inhibit tumor growth by activating a patient’s immune system.

Composition of Biostile Noni juice with the added grapes:

  • oni fruit natural juice
  • Not from concentrate
  • Added grape juice for a more pleasant taste
  • Also suitable for children after 3 years of age

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Once a day (1 × 30 mL): 30 mL of juice in the morning on an empty stomach or twice a day (2 × 15 mL): 15 mL of juice in the morning on an empty stomach and 15 mL at an afternoon meal.

The recommended daily dose (30 mL) contains:




Noni juice

27,9 ml


Red grape juice

2,1 ml


*Nutrient reference values for adults, based on Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, n.d.-not determined

Note: The juice must be stored in the refrigerator after opening.

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