Biostile Vitality

Why are proteins important for our health?

As we age, our muscles simply start to deteriorate, also because we process food less and no longer get as many useful proteins as when we were young. We start to lose muscle mass with age, and in the 70s we lose as much as 40%. We start to move less and our muscles weaken. Many times our weight does not change, but the shape of the body begins to change, the muscles become looser, it begins to accumulate around the abdomen and also weakens our heart, which is the strongest muscle. Most autoimmune diseases also contribute to muscle loss and consequently a deterioration in our quality of life. We are definitely talking about Multiple, Parkinson's disease, ...

Dr Majic

Dr. Tomislav Majič, a primary care physician and cardiologist, also came to the conclusion that a weakened heart often means muscle failure in general, and we are tired before, so his research led to the findings he recorded in the excellent VITALITY formula. The main ingredients are whey protein, epicatechin (cocoa extract), ursolic acid (apple peel extract), tomatidine (green tomato extract) and stable arginine (an essential amino acid).

Vitality - Proteins are an indispensable aid in heart muscle failure, all inflammations and joint diseases. In all autoimmune diseases, because they mainly mean systemic inflammation in the body.

It will help users to have more strength and less fatigue, faster recovery after each illness. It will reduce inflammation in the body and pain, take care of more flexible joints, flexible blood vessels, better blood circulation in our body. We will stop losing muscle even though we are not physically active. In short, we will stop aging.