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Herba Gold Active Balm

Herba gold Aktiv Balm cream that will help you with various skin problems with standardized active herbal remedies for dry and dehydrated skin
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Did you have a skin rash? Have you ever had a rash due to cosmetics or when you came in contact with cleaning products? Eczema is a common allergic reaction on the skin, which seeks to defend itself against the preservatives it comes in contact with.

Herbal extracts containing Herba Gold active balm make a bright yellow cream, which is quickly absorbed into the deep layers of the skin. The use of HERBA Gold Active Balm is very wide as it can be applied to any part of the body.

Active Balm advises in case of problems; with allergies, skin irritation (pruritus, rash due to the use of cosmetics or detergent), treatment of minor wounds, skin revitalization, dry skin at all ages, itchy skin, bruising, dermatitis, acne, eczema, hemorrhoids, burning eyes, eye pressure (for external use), temperature control, sunburn - including sunburn.

Action of HB Active Balm

  • anti-inflammatory
  • soothing
  • gives active energy to the cells
  • it binds to free radicals
  • stimulates cell metabolism
  • does not thin the skin

Instructions for use: Apply a small amount of Aktiv Balm to the problem area daily.

Many families use the balm for traditional purposes, as well as for everyday problems, such as minor injuries that do not require medical attention.


• Vitamins A, E, B5
• beta-carotene
• PABA vitamins
• honey, glycerin
• primrose
• natural flavonoids
• Ginkgo biloba extract
• marigold oil extract
• corn germ
• linseed oil,
• pumpkin seed oil

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