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Tox control for Dogs cleans the body of our pets loaded with pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins due to the high content of algae from different families that are rich in chlorophyll and therefore play an important role in removing heavy metals that circulate freely in your dog's bloodstream.
By adding Biostile Tox Control regularly, you can reduce the chances of developing diseases caused by heavy metals, while ensuring the overall health and vitality of your dog.

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Dog Tox Control

Heavy metals - a hidden danger in the bodies of our four-legged friends.
Heavy metals enter the body mainly through the oral cavity by eating food of various origins, and through the nasal cavity by breathing. The hidden danger of heavy metals is their gradual loading in the body over time. They accumulate in the cells of the kidneys, liver, nervous system ... They expel nutrients from the cells, but at the same time they are very difficult to remove from the body.
Among the most common heavy metals found in the body of pets are: lead, mercury, cadmium, copper, arsenic
in zinc. Since their entry cannot be completely avoided, you can take care of your dog’s health by ingesting substances that help him expel heavy metals from the body. The Biostile Tox Control nutritional supplement is most effective when heavy metals are still circulating in the bloodstream and are not definitely deposited in the cells.
The consequences of heavy metal poisoning include serious health conditions:
- diseases of the nervous system,
- diseases of the immune system,
- autoimmune diseases,
- diseases of the digestive tract,
- kidney damage.

When to recommend the use of Biostile Tox Control dietary supplement for dogs?
- in case of chronic dog fatigue,
- in case of muscle pain without known cause,
- in case of neurological disorders (eg uncoordinated movement),
- in the case of brittle and brittle bones (heavy metals interfere with synthesis
vitamin D),
- in case of disturbed calcium metabolism,
- with impaired hemoglobin production,
- liver and kidney problems,
- in case of repeated diarrhea or unformed faeces,
- with frequent illnesses due to a broken immune system.

Ingredients Daily dose (1 tablet)
Algae spirulina 200 mg
Chlorella algae 200 mg
Fucus algae 100 mg

Instructions for use:
Dogs over 10 kg body weight: 1 tablet daily, 10 kg to 20 kg: 2 tablets daily, over 20 kg: 3 tablets daily

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