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We are Biostile Vita

Our Path, Our Way success. growth progress.

The BioStileVita website was founded in the fall of 2016. The founder is Katja Kastelic SP, a pharmaceutical technician. The purpose of the online store is to support the mediation of sales and bring the sale closer to customers


The BioStileVita store currently holds two brands, BIYOVIS and BIOSTILE. Biostyle products are the best of the knowledge of Slovenian scientists. The products are natural from the best ingredients and complex based on the best binders, so they are extremely fast and effective. In collaboration with Dr. Prim. Tomislav Majić and based on his many years of experience, they started with the production of food supplements, which successfully and truly help to improve health. With the mayor, they also make new food supplements for Dr. Majić. These supplements offer solutions to the problems that arise in today’s fast-paced and stressful life.

Our Attitude, our philosophy

The focus of the BioStileVita store is exclusively on natural products from well-known and verifiable manufacturers. If you have BIO products and would like to offer them for sale on our website, contact us and we will make an appointment!